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Green women demand equality now!

The existing superior and subordinate structure is hindering the equality between women and men politically, financially, ecologically, judicially, socially and culturally.

Green women see a connection between the increasing violence against women and the violence towards Mother Earth.

We are a unique feminist, ecological, independent, religious free women's organisation with equality and environment as an objective.

Green women are working to:

  • make visible the increasing poverty of women in the world and show a connection between the pollution, impoverishment and patriarchal structure
  • emphasise and oppose men's violence towards women and children as a vital equality issue
  • expose the patriarchal structure behind the choice of energy systems and bring to attention the connection between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons
  • give an equal image of sexuality; and against sexual subordination which is designed and maintained through sexualisation of our public life, pornography, prostitution and trafficking
  • bring forward a gender budget in local and county councils and in the government so that tax income may be distributed equally
  • declare chemical ingredients clearly, even in cosmetics, precautionary principles and care for people and environment will guide all chemical usage
  • give women medical and health care on equal terms
  • make independent schools really free; we say no to singularly biased religious schools
It's time to finish with the patriarchal system

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